Recycle paper machine

Small and medium-sized businesses can receive environmentally conscious solutions from TARA Machines.

The environmentally friendly and cost-effective building products produced by businesses employing TARA machines and tech services are products supplied to regional home builders and contractors. TARA machines and tech services are conceived as entire solution packages that provide consumers of TARA Machines with many advantages, in addition to minimal risk and profitable opportunities. More than one million homes in rural India have been constructed using materials manufactured with technology developed by TARA Machines.

Handmade paper making machine

TARA Machines is one of India's most reputed service providers for handmade paper making machines.

The process of recycling paper and other recyclable waste can be broken down into several distinct stages. Initially, the papers are gathered from a variety of sources such as office stationery, corrugated waste, jute fibre, banana fibre, cotton waste cloth pieces, tetra pak etc. and then they are sorted according to quality and requirements. The production of pulp is the next stage in the recycling process for paper. During this step, the paper is torn into pieces before blending with water in a vast container resembling a drum.

Fly ash bricks

High capacity production system for quality fly-ash bricks

Fly ash bricks are becoming an increasingly popular alternative to traditional clay bricks, due to their eco-friendliness and durability. The demand for fly ash bricks has led to the development of fly ash bricks making machines, which automate the process of manufacturing these bricks. Tara Machines & Tech Services is a leading manufacturer of fly ash bricks making machines, offering manual, semi- automatic and automatic machines to suit the needs of various customers.

Fly ash bricks making machine is a special equipment used for manufacturing fly ash bricks.

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