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Small and medium-sized businesses can receive environmentally conscious solutions from TARA Machines.

The environmentally friendly and cost-effective building products produced by businesses employing TARA machines and tech services are products supplied to regional home builders and contractors. TARA machines and tech services are conceived as entire solution packages that provide consumers of TARA Machines with many advantages, in addition to minimal risk and profitable opportunities. More than one million homes in rural India have been constructed using materials manufactured with technology developed by TARA Machines.

The exact definition of the term "handmade paper making machine" tells us that its primary function is to convert spent paper into new paper. Books, corrugated cardboard boxes, and other types of paper can be used to make the used paper. Further, even banana fibre, cotton rags as well as tea waste may also be used to make handmade paper. "Secondary fibre" is a term that can be applied to discarded paper. Making paper out of secondary fibres rather than wood pulp is one way to reduce paper production's environmental impact. It is an effective strategy for preserving the ecological balance and lowering pollution levels in the surrounding area. The production of one tonne of recycled paper from waste paper has the potential to save one hundred tonnes of pure water, six hundred kilowatts of power, nine trees with a hundred years of growth, 1.2 tonnes of coal, 300 kilogrammes of chemical raw Material, a significant amount of money for the disposal of waste paper, as well as reduce three cubic metres of solid waste and sixty pounds of industrial waste gas.

Empowerment of the People

The MSME sector benefits from the availability of employment possibilities provided by TARA Machines. By improving their abilities and earnings, our products give employees, self help groups (SHG) women's groups, and small business owners more power. Our environmentally friendly technological solution ensures benefits to the environment as well as enterprises.

Why TARA machines

TARA Papermek is the best handmade paper making machine and we at TARA Machines. These recycled paper machines are available in three different variants. Customers can choose any variant that best meets their needs based on how the machines are configured. TARA PaperMek-XV, TARA PaperMek-V, and TARA PaperMek-I are the three distinct iterations of this product. Our machines are installed in the Delhi Secretariat, the Shimla Secretariat, various units of the Indian Army across the country, and the National Institute for the Visually Handicapped (NIVH), located in Dehradun. Both educational institutions and community businesses can make use of our products.

The TARA Papermek

The TARA Papermek, a compact handmade paper making machine, has been supplied in more than 500 schools in the Delhi–National Capital Region (NCR).

The TARA PaperMek – V, which has a capacity of 25-30 Kg/day and is fully automatic, is the waste paper cutting machine with the highest sales and the most popularity. Paper and cotton rags are acceptable forms of Raw Material for the handmade paper making. Hence there is some degree of versatility in its application.

We make available a comprehensive selection of recycling machines that are both suitable for your company's needs and affordable in their operation. TARA Machines, the most reputable paper manufacturing machine manufacturer in Delhi, is where you should purchase your handmade paper making and waste paper cutting machine.

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