Capacity 1000 Bricks per hour
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New Added Features

  • Improved version of Pan Mixer with.
  • High performance, standard gear box with air cooled system and high efficiency resulting in power saving & low maintenance.
  • Upper location of bearing housing resulting in to low breakdowns.
  • Advance control panel with auto & manual PLC control system. The electronic control panel includes cycle counter, phase indication lights, metering circuit, over & under load protections with reputed brand hardware.
  • Removable bushes.

TARA MechRam®- X

High capacity production system for quality fly-ash bricks

TARA MechRam technology offers state of the art production systems designed to manufacture high quality fly ash bricks. TARA MechRam-X is a high capacity integrated production system in which the functions of feeding raw materials, including fly ash, and compression of bricks are fully automated.

Technical Specifications

Rated Production Capacity 1000 Bricks / hour
No. of Bricks per cycle 4 Bricks / cycle
Brick Size ( standard ) (230x110x75mm)/(250x120x75mm)/(200x95x90mm)
Electrical Power Connection 19 HP, 3Phase +Neutral +Separate Earthing: 1Pan Mixer (500 Kg)-10HP, Conveyor-3HP, X- 5HP, Control Panel - 1HP, (Water pump-1 HP, provision of water, separate earthing for machine to be provided by customer)
No. of Bricks per stroke 4 Bricks of size (230x110x75mm) or (250x120x75mm) or (200x95x90mm)
Operating pressure (Maximum) 2200 PSI
Pushing Mechanism NA
Pan mixer capacity 500 Kg/Charge
Product Transfer Mechanism Manually placed from mould auto pallet

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