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EcoKiln Project Machines

TARA EcoKiln projects machines are specially designed after deailed study and requirement of pjoject. These machines are of robust design to deliver high level of performance and in terms of productivity, quality and reliabilty.

Special Features

  • Robust Design: The machine is designed to deliver high level of performance in terms of productivity, quality and reliability
  • Low maintenance: Wear and tear of moving surfaces is minimized by providing guided bushes with lubrication
  • Quality assured: Produced in high end manufacturing facility with CNC Machines.
  • Mould cleaning system attached
  • Higher Moulds life: Mould are made up SS304 material, prevent from rusting.
  • Clutch type design to minimize breakdown time.

The equipment required for EcoKiln plant are

  • TARA BrickMek Super
  • Manual press machine
  • Brick Conveyor System
  • Unloading Mechanism
  • Red Brick Unloading & Transfer Trolley

TARA BrickMek Super

TheTARA BrickMek has been designed to do homogeneous mixing of soil, and water. It is a versatile machine designed to produce consistent superior quality clay bricks with frogs. It operates under the soft mud moulding technology and produces bricks under soft extrusion. This machine is easy to operate with one skilled machine operator assisted by local manpower (men and women).

S.No. Specification TARA BrickMEK
1 Rated Production Capacity 1440 Brick/hr.
2 Electrical Power 3 Phase (7.5hp + 1hp Motor)
3 Brick Mould 30 nos (S.S. Mould)
4 Mould Shifting Trolley 03 nos Manually operated
5 Man Power 10- 12 nos
6 Feeding of Raw Material Manual/Through Conveyor (Optional)
TARA BrickMek Super

TARA BrickMek Super

Manual Press machine

The manual machine designed and developed by TARA works on a leveraging principle (1st class of lever). This is usually operated with a toggle-ram mechanism which helps in compressing soil to a standard size brick as determined by the mould. There two varieties of manual presses available four cavity and two cavity. The four cavity machine can produce as high as 1100 bricks per day with 4 blocks per cycle, over an 8-hour shift whereas the two cavity machine can produce around 600 bricks, over an 8- hour shift. The crank enables to operate the machine only one side for both compaction and ejection of the bricks. The hopper and feeder helps in proper feeding of mould. With this manual press machine, chamfered brick production is possible.

S.No. Specification TARA Manual Press Machine
1 Rated Production Capacity 4 Block machine 1100 Brick/day.
2 Rated Production Capacity 2 Block machine 600 Brick/day
3 Material of construction Mild Steel
4 Man Power 4- 5 nos
5 Feeding of Raw Material Manual
Manual Press machine

TARA BalRam 4C

Brick Conveyor System

The moulded green bricks after required atmospheric drying needs to be lifted on the loading platform for firing. The lifting of the dried green bricks is usually done through a specially designed Brick Conveyor. The Brick Conveyer can vary in length depending on the height of the kiln from ground level.

Conveyor system consist of following:

  • Conveyor : 1no
  • Unloading Table : 1no
S.No. Specification TARA Conveyor
1 Conveyor Length 16.5m
2 Conveyor Belt Width 600mm
3 Electrical Power 5hp
Brick Conveyor System

Brick Conveyor System

Hydraulic Unloading System

In the TARA EcoKiln system, the fired bricks are unloaded at the bottom in batches of 4 or 6 layers. he fired bricks are unloaded by a hydraulic system. The system is powered by 7.5HP motor and operates a 140 mm diameter cylinder of stroke length 1600 mm. It is designed to withstand the load of the entire brick column of 44-48 layers in the shaft of the kiln. The control system is outside the kiln, so that the operators are safe during unloading.

Hydraulic Unloading system consist of following:

  • Hydraulic Power Pack : 1no
  • Hydraulic Cylinder : 1no
  • Fittings and accessories: 1Set
S.No. Specification TARA Hydraulic System
1 Tank Capacity 300L
2 Electrical Power 7.5 hp
3 Operation Both Manually and electrically
Hydraulic Unloading System

Hydraulic Unloading System

Red Brick Unloading & Transfer Trolley

The Unloading and Transfer Trolley is fabricated from Mid steel I section beam (ISMB- 150). It has been designed structurally to withstand a load of 22 tonnes of bricks residing inside the shaft of the kiln. During unloading, the unloading trolley rests over the hydraulic unloading system under simulated point load. The bricks rests on the Unloading Trolley mounted on the Hydraulic system, and gets unloaded onto the rail, which afterwards is rolled to the cooling area.

S.No. Specification TARA Trolley
1 Material of construction Mild Steel
2 Load carrying capacity 22Tons
Red Brick Unloading & Transfer Trolley

Red Brick Unloading & Transfer Trolley

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