Capacity 1600 Bricks per hour
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Fly Ash Bricks Making Machine

High capacity production system for quality fly-ash bricks

TARA MechRam®-X 1600 is one of the best fly ash bricks making machine that we manufacture. The X-16 model is automatic fly ash brick making machine that has a capacity to give an output of 1600 bricks per hour. The machine can produce four bricks per stroke and the size of can be (230x110x75mm) or (250x120x75mm) or (200x95x90mm). Our fly ash brick manufacturing machine comes with 2 pan mixer for the material mixing process and the capacity for both of these pans are 500Kg each. The Mix Feeding, Compaction & Ejection process is based on programmable logic controller (PLC Controlled) and the brick transfer is fully automated by using pallets and conveyor roller. The maintenance cost for these machines is very low as compared to the market standards.

TARA Machines and Tech Services is one of the best rated fly ash bricks machine manufacturers based in Delhi. Our range of fly ash bricks making machine come in many other variants too TARA MechRam ® - X 2500 that has a capacity to produce 2500 Bricks/hr & 12 bricks/Stroke and TARA MechRam®- X 1250 that has a rated capacity of 1250 Bricks/hour & 4 Bricks/cycle.

Other Salient Features that we provide

  • 1. Robust design of the machine.
  • 2. Installation and setup assistance by our experts.
  • 3. High efficiency of the product.
  • 4. Round the clock support/assistance post sale by our team of experts.

Model X - 16
Machine Type Automatic
Electrical Power Rating 32.5HP, 440V, 3Phase + Neutral Supply with separate earthing (2 Pan Mixer-10HP, Conveyor-3HP, Hydraulic Power- Pack Driven by 7.5HP)
Rated Production Capacity 1600 Bricks per hour
No. of Bricks per stroke 4 Bricks of size (230x110x75mm) or (250x120x75mm) or (200x95x90mm)
Material Mixing 2 Pan Mixer, each of 500kg charge capacity
Mix Feeding, Compaction & Ejection PLC Controlled Process Bricks Making
Brick Transfer Automatic transfer on the Pallets that Slide on Roller Conveyor
Manpower 10 Operators (Recommended)
Weight 1800kg (approx)

What is the cost of fly ash brick machine?

The Cost of a fly ash brick making machine will be different based on the specification of the application.

Why are fly ash bricks used in construction?

Fly ash bricks are advanced well-improved quality bricks used for the construction of brick masonry structures. They're used as a replacement for traditional clay bricks and have higher properties than it.

What is the quality of the Fly ash brick machine you provide?

We as a leading fly ash brick machine manufacturers, provide 100% genuine fly ash brick machines that are best in quality and come with the latest specifications.

Why Should You Purchase A Fly Ash Bricks Machine From Us?

We are one of the top fly ash brick machine manufacturer based in Delhi accredited by top organizations across the world. Get a quote now for the Fly Ash Bricks making machine.

Why should you choose TARA MechRam® - X 1600 ?

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