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TARA GreenCast Panels

Business Highlight

The TARA GreenCast is a highly profitable business for small building material producers and construction companies. A total capital investment of Rs. 8,00,000/- is required for a mechanized production system to produce 1200-1500 panels in the form of hollow / soild interlocking panels per day with an annual turnover of Rs. 45 Lacs The TARA GreenCast Panels technology is used for production of Hollow and solid concrete blocks; extensively used for walling applications where speed of construction is critical. The TARA GreenCast Panels Technology offers a versatile machine capable of producing hollow and solid concrete blocks. A choice of easy to fit moulds provides a portfolio of block size and panels for wall construction. The machine is movable on a level production platform; upto 8 panels/blocks are produced in each cycle.

Machines and Equipment

The TARA GreenCast –Panel Machine has been designed to produce concrete blocks on the ground itself so that it reduces the time and energy for transferring the green blocks to the stacking yard for curing. The Hydraulic Operated system helps to automated few important and regular operations like time of vibration and traveling of machine. The most important features of machine is to produce different sizes of blocks (solid or hollow), based on the demand. The complete machine is powered by 3 different induction motors to powered different operating functions like Vibration (3HP, 2800 RPM, 3phased) Hydraulic system (3HP, 1400RPM, 3phased) and Machine movement(0.5HP, 1400RPM, 3phased). The production capacity is about 200-250 blocks per hour.

Benefits delivered to Ferro Cement Enterprises

  • Simple, portable and speedy production system..
  • 30 % cost / material saving over other products..
  • Easy to operate equipments.
  • Versatile range of panels: solid, hollow, interlocking..
  • Excellent strength, light weight, good insulation, sound absorbing
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