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TARA GreenCast Frames

Technology for high quality concrete door and window frames

TARA GreenCast Frames technology provides a pioneering solution for manufacture of high quality, long lasting and affordable Concrete Door and Window Frames using reinforced cement concrete. The production system consists of specialized rubber moulds, which are placed inside GI channels. A series of GI channels are mounted on the vibrating table; fitted with vibration mechanism to achieve uniform compaction and high quality surface finish. Two sets of door frames can be manufactured in every production cycle. The equipment also capable to produce plants and joist (Flad lofty solutions)

Technical Specifications

Vibrating Table (L×W) 3.05 x 0.91 meter / 3.05 x 0.76 meter
Moulds Rubber moulds positioned in galvanized metallic enclosure; for production of door and window frames
Production Capacity 12-15 sets/day
Electrical Power 3 HP, 3 Phase (Single Phase Optional)
Fitting Hinge blocks for fixing hinges are provided
  • High Product durability with unmatched resistance to pests and white ants
  • Excellent surface finish allows polishing and easy painting
  • Flexible production; can be easily adopted to production of GreenCast Floors
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