TARA MechRam ® - X 2500

Robust , efficient modern and smart.

  • Robust Design: The machine is designed to deliver high level of performance in terms of productivity, quality and reliability.

  • Quality assured: Produced in high end manufacturing facility with CNC Machines.

  • Rated Production capacity: 2500 Bricks/hr & 12 bricks/Stroke.

  • Uniform density Brick: Specially designed feeder mechanism ensures equal filling of material in all cavities of mould.

  • Higher Mould life – Special grade steel used.

  • Minimum breakage during brick handling, Customized pallet and specially designed hydraulic trolley.

  • Automatic Stacking of Bricks: Fully automated process of Brick compaction, Pallet transfer, Stacking of Pallets (7 nos. Pallets/Total 84 Bricks)

  • Low maintenance: Wear and tear of moving surfaces is minimized by providing guided bushes with lubrication.

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