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TARA Machines is one of India's most reputed service providers for handmade paper making machines.

At the moment, more than 1000+ customers across India are using the waste-to-wealth services we offer. Compared to the other types of recycling, the Handmade paper machine from recycled waste is one of the most straightforward.

The process of recycling paper and other recyclable waste can be broken down into several distinct stages. Initially, the papers are gathered from a variety of sources such as office stationery, corrugated waste, jute fibre, banana fibre, cotton waste cloth pieces, tetra pak etc. and then they are sorted according to quality and requirements. The production of pulp is the next stage in the recycling process for paper. During this step, the paper is torn into pieces before blending with water in a vast container resembling a drum. This is the preparation step for the pulp. The cleaning phase is the third step in the process of recycling paper. During this phase, companies remove the ink and other colours in the pulp. The production of white paper requires the use of bleaches by many businesses since it is necessary to remove the colour from the pulp. Following the steps outlined above, the pulp that has been refined to its ultimate form is used in paper recycling.

Model of Service for TARA Machines

TARA Machines, Waste paper recycling machine, is one of a kind in the entire waste management industry throughout the world as a result of the service model that we provide for our customers. TARA Machines does not collect any fees or service charges directly or indirectly from its customers under this model for providing services.

By the service model, TARA Machines, handmade paper making machine is collecting office stationery, corrugated waste, jute fibre, banana fibre, cotton waste cloth pieces, tetra pak waste from its customers and having it recycled for the benefit of our environmentally conscious pioneers. After that, we make daily use stationery products out of recycled paper, such as notepads, conference pads, notebooks, diaries, copy paper, paper pens, and paper pencils, etc., and we offer these products at no cost in exchange for the waste paper that our customers have recycled through us. In addition, for every 100 kilogrammes of waste paper that we collect and recycle, we also donate and plant one tree on behalf of our client as part of their "Green Initiative."

On one side, TARA Machines, small paper recycling machine, is providing the finest solution for waste paper; on the other, we are directly impacting the environment by planting and protecting trees.

There are seven primary advantages to participating in the Waste Paper Recycling effort offered by TARA Machines:

1. Recycling used paper products is beneficial to the environment.

2. Recycling paper is the responsible thing to do from an economic standpoint.

3. Sustainability and upcycling

4. Recycling paper helps cut down on waste while also increasing productivity.

5. Creating a Clean and Green Brand Image through Paper Recycling

6. The initiative best exemplifies environmental or corporate social responsibility (CSR) principles.

7. Paper recycling can provide a source of income.

The endeavour to recycle waste paper will have the following environmental and social impacts:

1. Recycling one tonne of paper saves up to seventeen trees, equivalent to four thousand kilowatt hours of energy, three and a half cubic metres of landfill space, and twenty-six thousand litres of water.

2. Recycling paper saves 65 percent of the energy that would have been used to produce new paper

3. Recycling paper can cut pollution in the air and water by up to 74% and 35%, respectively.

4. The combustion of one tonne of paper would produce approximately 750 kilos of carbon dioxide.

5. Recycling one tonne of corrugated boxes or containers saves 390-kilowatt hours of electricity, one barrel of oil, and five cubic metres of landfill space.

6. Recycling recycled cardboard needs just 75% of the energy necessary to produce new cardboard.

The fact that we have seen an increase in repeat orders serves as testimony.

In addition, every work that Tara Machines produces demonstrates that it was carried out by worldwide quality standards and the most effective management practices in the business. We are pleased to boast a clientele that includes delighted customers from both the private and public sectors. This is attributable to the timely delivery of products of a suitable level of quality. In addition, our staff is self-sufficient and capable of generating inventive and cost- effective solutions to even the most demanding requirements and circumstances.

As a result of our commitment to producing items of the highest possible quality, we have achieved a laudable position in this sector. During the manufacturing process, we stick to a strict set of quality guidelines to ensure that the final product is free of flaws and durable. We have expanded the number of people who are happy with our services by providing quick delivery and focusing on the needs of our customers. In addition, we have a research and development section working on expanding our product line to meet our customers' requirements better.

The corporation will have the following three significant benefits if it uses this service model for paper recycling:

1. Bringing down the cost of stationery by 20–25 per cent.

2. We encourage our customers to help the environment by planting trees as part of their contribution.

3. Assist organisations that are actively participating in "Corporate Social Responsibility" (also known as "CSR") activities.

Because it can contribute to a reduction in the company's overall carbon emissions, the use of TARA Machines handmade Paper recycling initiative and recycled stationery products has already become an integral part of the environmental policies and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policies of a significant number of businesses.

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