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  Recycling Paper Technology

 TARA PaperMek-XV
TARA PaperMek-XV is pioneering concept for recycling of waste paper in institutions and corporate organizations.
  • Capacity to convert 50-75 kgs/day paper waste into paper
  • Flexibility to use paper and / or cotton rags as raw material.

 TARA PaperMek-V
TARA PaperMek-V is pioneering concept for recycling of waste paper in institutions.
  • Capacity to convert 25-30 kgs/day paper waste into paper
  • Versatility in the quality / thickness of finished product.

 TARA PaperMek-I

 TARA PaperMek-I Mini Paper Recycling Unit is pioneering concept for recycling of waste paper in schools & educational Institutions.
  • Ideally suited for operations by school children
  • Operated on 1-phase electric supply

Pioneering waste to wealth enterprises

The TARA Paper Recycling Technology is based on cutting edge innovation designed to produce high quality recycled paper at micro to small scale. TARA Machines has designed a unique set of world class machinery for preparing high quality pulp from waste paper, converting pulp into sheets of paper and controlled finishing of the paper. TARA Machines offers a diverse range of capacities allow the enterprise to custom design their requirements. TARA is a pioneer in hand crafted high quality paper production and TARA handmade paper is marketed in national and international markets.

The experience of hand crafted paper has been used to develop a wide range of small scale recycling systems. The TARA Paper Recycling systems are specially designed to recycle waste office stationery. The first set up located at the Delhi Secretariat recycles waste paper generated by the Government of National Capital Region into ready to use office files, folders and personalised stationery. Similar recycling systems have been installed by TARA Machines for Airport Authority of India, Ambuja Cement Foundation, National Institute for Visually Handicapped.

TARA also has a unique TARA PaperMek - I designed for operation by school children. The equipment is specially designed with safety features and demonstrates all the critical steps involved in paper recycling. The TARA Mini Paper Recycling Units are operational in over a hundred schools of the National capital Region and Bangalore.

Unique Value to Recycling Enterprises

  • TARA offers end to end recycling solution wherein the production system is designed for institutions at the scale of waste generated.
  • TARA has introduced high levels of standardisation in equipment design with stainless steel fabrication for long, maintenance free service.
  • TARA has also integrated high standards of safety; with electronic devices installed in key equipment.
  • TARA technology provides flexibility to produce different grades and quality of finished paper; based on quality of input waste materials. On sit training is provided for installation and commissioning.

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