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EcoKiln Technology

TARA EcoKlin Technology

TARA EcoKiln brick firing plant is certified as the World’s most energy / fuel efficient firing system for clay  bricks.
  • Selection and testing of soils, fuels and other additives
  • Suggestion for new possible products like light-weight bricks, hollow-bricks, clay pavers
  • Recommendations for other additives and mechanized mixing, if needed.

TARA BrickMek Technology 

TARA BrickMek Clay Moulding Machine is a high quality brick making machine designed to reduce labor  dependency with the concept of using industrial waste resulting in a better product.
  • Rated production capacity, 1440 bricks per hour.
  • Electrically operated with 7.5 HP 3-phase motor & 1.0 HP 3-phase sludge pump.
  • Long life non-rusting material.
  • 03 nos. Manually operated for mould transportation
The TARA EcoKiln is the most energy efficient brick firing technology in the world and TARA is a pioneer in the development and commercialization of this technology; generically referred as the Vertical Shaft Brick Kiln Technology.

is the leading technology provider for clay brick enterprises and has engineered a revolution in the Indian and international brick industry. TARA has a rapidly expanding TARA EcoKiln network, currently exceeding 100 enterprises in India.

Globally recognized, the TARA EcoKiln offers huge savings in fuel cost, with savings of between 30 to 50% when compared with other common firing technologies. Pollution levels are extremely low and within environmental norms.

TARA EcoKiln
consists of one or more rectangular, vertical shafts within the kiln structure. Rectangular arrays of dried green bricks and crushed fuel (coal) are carefully stacked into batches, which are loaded into the shaft from the top and finally batches of fired clay bricks are removed from the bottom end. During the firing process completed within 24-30 hours, the batches of bricks pass through the preheating, firing and cooling zones before they reach the shaft exit as fully fired bricks.

TARA EcoKiln attracts the support of government agencies; demonstration kilns supported by MSME have been established in different states. Financing subsidies under PMEGP / CLCS are applicable to all TARA Technologies.

Unique Value to EcoKiln Entrepreneurs
  • TARA has a unique brick service center in India, fully equipped with soil testing laboratory, computer controlled firing furnaces, equipment testing facilities and experimental kiln for testing of alternate fuels. TARA has a comprehensive database and Soil Bank covering different brick regions in India.
  • TARA has introduced high levels of standardization in the design of EcoKiln, construction methods and equipment & accessories.
  • TARA offers continuous improvements in energy efficiency and environmental performance through introduction of refractory lining, fire control, chimney and handling systems.
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