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TARA GreenCast Pavers Technology

Business Highlight

TARA GreenCast Pavers Technology can give rise to a highly profitable business for small scale building material producers, civil contractors and builders.

A total investment of Rs. 6 lacs for a semi-mechanized production system assures an annual production of approx. 3 lacs pavers with a turnover of Rs. 20-25 lacs per annum. The pay back period for the business is three years. The benefits of the technology are appreciated by both public and private sectors. Acceptability of concrete pavers is very high in urban areas and for rural infrastructure like pavements and roads. The ease of application and the durability of concrete pavers are very rapidly expanding the market for the products and the technology. TARA is introducing specialized technology packages for customized requirement of pavers.

Service Package

TARA Machines and Tech Services Private Ltd. provides a comprehensive package of services to prospective clients. These services are delivered by the TARA Machine personnel and include
  • Material selection, material testing and product testing services
  • Supply of customized machinery and accessories
  • Commissioning of production and training
Package Specifications

 Description TARA GreenCast Pavers Technology - 40 TARA GreenCast Pavers Technology - 70
 Power  5HP, 3 Phase  5HP, 3 Phase
 Hydraulic Tank  60 Ltr  100 Ltr
 Production  1200-1500 (medium duty)  1200-1500 (heavy duty)
 Weight  900 Kg (Approx.)  950 Kg (Approx.)
 Max. Block Thickness  75 mm  100 mm
 Max. Pressure  40 Ton  70 Ton
 Mould Area  450 x 450 mm  450 x 450 mm
 Machine Size  1220 × 750 × 2000  1220 × 750 × 2000
 Ejection Mechanism

Machine and Equipments

TARA GreenCast Pavers Technology is a versatile technology system that produces solid & interlocking paving concrete blocks of various shapes . It is possible to produce all these blocks with a single machine by just changing the mould. The basic raw material is cement, fine aggregate and coarse aggregate. The hydraulic compaction gives high quality and strength to the block, in spite of the lean mix, which uses very little cement. The TARA machine produces 1000 pavers per day.

Benefits delivered to enterprises

  • quality
  • Uniform shape and size, sharp edges and corners with consistency in quality of pavers enhances product acceptability
  • Flexibility in product
  • TARA GreenCast Pavers Technology provides flexibility in production of different shape of paving blocks
  • Customized strength of concrete pavers can be achieved by altering the design mix.
  • Premium on price
  • TARA Machines technology provides machine and mould features that can impart special qualities to the product. A premium price is commanded by anti-skid surface of the paver blocks.
  • Low business risk
  • The business risks are lower due to stable prices of materials and improvement in technology offered by TARA Machines.
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