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TARA PaperMek -V

Enterprise Highlight

The most popular TARA Paper Recycling Technology TARA PaperMek – V for Institutions caters to the requirement of the customer to produce diverse quality of paper that can be used within the institution and for local markets. The range of end-use applications includes writing quality paper, card paper, files and folders for office use. This unit is capable of producing upto 7500 Kg of finished paper. The capacity for recycling can be enhanced incrementally. High quality writing paper can be produced by adding a TARA Hollander Beater.

Service Package

TARA Machines provides a comprehensive package of services to ensure success for the recycling enterprises. The services include:

  • Customised design of recycling system including layout of basic services
  • Installation, commissioning and functioning of the TARA PaperMek - V
  • On site training on operations
    • Training will be provided to the operators of the Recycling Unit
    • Specialised training to the product fabrication team for the conversion of paper into paper products; optional.
  • Annual Maintenance Contract for equipment servicing
Package Specifications

 Description TARA PaperMek-V
 Capacity 25-30 Kg/day
 Hydrapulper 3 Kg per charge
 Beater 2 Kg per charge
 Univat(size of papper) 18"×23"
 Screw Press 18"×23"
 Calendering Machine 20",width of rolls
 Cutting Machine,manual 18" Manual Cutter
 Power 6 HP, Single Phase
 Manpower 6 Persons
 Water (Potable) 1200 Litres/day
 Area Requirement 800 sq.ft

Machine & Equipments

The TARA PaperMek – V recycling package consists of a self contained set of custom designed equipment for pulp preparation, paper making and finishing. The TARA Hydrapulper is used to make pulp from waste paper and TARA Hollander Beater is used to make pulp from waste cotton rags; both are fabricated with rust proof stainless steel material. The TARA Univat is used for the formation of sheet whereas the TARA Screw Press is used to remove the excess water from the formed sheet; both are manually operated. The polishing of the dried formed sheet is done through TARA Calendering Machine and TARA Semi – Automatic Cutting Machine is used to cut into desired size. Photo-sensing safety device is incorporated in TARA Calendering Machine for operational safety. The installed load for the production system is 6 h.p. Single Phase of electric power.

Benefits delivered by recycling enterprise

  • One tonne of recycled paper saves 3 tonnes of wood and 100,000 litres of water.
  • Each tonne of recycled paper creates meaningful employment and Rs. 40000 in wages.
  • By blending waste cotton rags, denim cutting and kraft paper; the range of recycled paper is flexible and can be widely expanded.
  • The recycled paper and products have wide acceptability among user due to high level of customization.
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