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TARA PaperMek – I

Unit Highlight

The TARA PaperMek - I is a simple to use technology designed and marketed by TARA Machines; specially for schools. The TARA PaperMek - I creates awareness about the ease of recycling. The Do-It-Yourself system recycles waste paper into usable paper. The unit is operated by school children themselves with creativity in paper making through addition of biomass, use of natural colours and fragrances.

The TARA PaperMek - I can recycle one tonne of paper in a calendar year; the segregated paper waste being generated in the school itself. Each tonne of recycled paper saves 3 tonnes of wood and 100,000 litres of water providing huge environmental value in terms of

  • 6 trees – yielding oxygen
  • 2 years of cooking fuel for one family
  • 5 years of drinking water for one family
  • 10 m2 of land save from becoming a waste dump

Package Specifications

 Description TARA PaperMek-I
 Capacity 6-8 Kg/day
 Hydrapulper 1 Kg per charge
 Univat(size of paper) 11"×16"
 Screw Press 12"×18"
 Power 2 HP, Single Phase
 Water (Potable) 400 Litres/day
 Area Requirement
250 sq.ft

Service Package

TARA Machines provides a comprehensive package of services to school children, school teachers in realizing the benefits of paper recycling. Over a 100 schools in the National Capital Region and Bangalore operate the TARA Mini Paper Recycling Unit in their respective premises. The services provided are:

  • Installation and commissioning of the TARA PaperMek - I
  • On site training of school children supervisor and class teachers
  • Repair and Maintenance Services
  • Within the NCR, TARA provides operations management services and supplies high quality pulp.

Machine & Equipments

The TARA PaperMek - I for schools consists of a self contained set of easy to use equipment for pulp preparation, paper making and finishing. The pulp in prepared in a 1 kg TARA Hydrapulper. The paper sheets are formed on the deckle of the TARA Univat and excess water is removed in a TARA Screw Press; both manually operated. After partial drying, the paper can be polished using a steam iron. A special school model of TARA Calendaring Machine with electronic safety devices is also available on demand.

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