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TARA Micron

TARA Micro Concrete Roofing Technology provides a cutting edge solution for manufacture of high quality, affordable micro concrete roofing tiles. The MCR package is an elegant production system with which production of tiles can commence within hours of setting up the enterprise. The TARA MCR package is highly profitable for micro and small scale building materials producers. A capital investment of Rupees 3.0 lacs assures an annual production of 75,000 roofing tiles with a turnover of rupees 7.5 lacs per annum. The business breaks even within the first year of operations and generates over 30 percent profits per annum. The business can be easily scaled up with additional investment in moulds.

Service Package

Machines and Tech Services Private Ltd. provides a comprehensive business solution to prospective clients. The business expansion is possible through roofing services for end clients. These services are delivered by trainers operating from a regional network of TARA centers.

  • Material selection, material testing, the services are determination of optimum mix ratio, product quality testing
  • Supply of customized machinery and accessories
  • On site training for tile production and roof installation
  • Business expansion with investments in decorative tiles and pavers
Package Specifications

 Description TARA Micron
 Vibrating Table (L×W) 540×315 mm
 Roof Tile Moulds Pan and Roman type,profile, injection moulded
 Quality Assurance Tools • Bending test jig
  • Alignment tool
 Electrical Power 1/4 HP, Single Phase
 Production Capacity 250 Tiles per shift
 Manpower 4

Machine and Equipments

The TARA Tile Maker has a unique design which gives consistent vibration and compaction at very low input of electric. The TARA Tile maker is supplied with 250 high impact plastic injection moulds in a choice of shapes; Pantile for rural application and Roman pattern for up market application. The micro concrete roofing package includes the choice of self stacking moulds, a complete set of custom designed accessories, alignment the bending test apparatus.

The TARA Tile Maker is capable of producing 250 tiles in a 8 hours shift with a man power of four. The versatile TARA Tile Maker is also used to manufacture a diverse range of decorative pavers and tiles.

Benefits delivered to enterprises

MCR tiles offer many advantages over other affordable roof materials such Mangalore tiles and country tiles.

Good quality
  • Consistent quality & uniform shape and size, sharp which enhances product acceptability. MCR Tiles is highly cost effective as compare to other roofing tiles. It can be coloured to user’s choice and it not contain asbestos fibers, which is harmful for the health.
Flexibility in product
  • TARA Tile Maker is highly versatile machine, it provides flexibility in production. TARA Tile Maker is able to produce different types of micro concrete roofing and multi design decorative pavers and tiles.
Premium on price
  • The micro concrete roofing tiles are in equivalence with industrial roofing products. Therefore, their pricing in the market is on par with industrial products. A higher premium is achieved by colouring the tile.
Low business risk
  • The production materials for all micro concrete products are easily available local materials; cement, sand and crushed stone. The ability to switch production easily from roofing tiles to decorative pavers and files.
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