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TARA MechRam® X 1600

Package Specifications

Description TARA MechRam® X 1600
Rated Capacity 1600 bricks per hour
Hydraulic Powerpack 7.5 HP motor with Hydraulic oil tank (Capacity 400 lts- included in package)
Demoulded Brick Removal system Sliding mechanism on to Pallets on Roller Sliding Platform; Manual removal of Pallet with Bricks from the Platform
Electronic Control Panel Programmed to compact the Mix into Bricks and eject from Mould, which then gets pushed on to Pallets on the Roller Sliding Platform.
Mix conveying system 16 ft. long x 16 in. wide 2 ply belt type powered by 3 HP geared motor
Raw material mixing Roller-type Pan Mixers : 500 Kg X 2 nos.
Raw material transferring Wheel Barrows : 6 nos.
Brick transferrring Hydraulic Pallet Trolley : 2 nos.
Brick transferrring 31.5 HP (Pan Mixer: 2 x 10 HP, Conveyor: 3 HP, Powerpack: 7.5 HP, Control Panel: 1 HP with separate earthing)
Service Package

TARA Machines and Tech Services Pvt Ltd provides a comprehensive package of services to prospective clients. These services are delivered through a regional network of TARA centers and include

  • Material selection, material testing and product testing services
  • Determination of optimum mix
  • Supply of customized machinery and accessories
  • Commissioning of production and training
  • Assistance with finance schemes and options
  • Frog (Customized Branding)
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