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TARA MechRam® V

Package Specifications

Description TARA MechRam® V
Rated Capacity 650 bricks per hour
Hydraulic Powerpack 5 HP motor with Hydraulic oil tank
Demoulded Brick Removal system Manual removal from the Mould
Electronic Control Panel Not Applicable
Mix conveying system Not Applicable
Raw material mixing Roller-type Pan Mixer: 300 Kg X 1 nos.
Raw material transferring Wheel Barrows : 2 nos.
Brick transferrring Hydraulic Pallet Trolley : 1 nos.
Brick transferrring 12.5 HP (Pan Mixer: 7.5 HP, Powerpack: 5 HP with separate earthing )
Service Package

TARA Machines and Tech Services Pvt Ltd provides a comprehensive package of services to prospective clients. These services are delivered through a regional network of TARA centers and include

  • Material selection, material testing and product testing services
  • Determination of optimum mix
  • Supply of customized machinery and accessories
  • Commissioning of production and training
  • Assistance with finance schemes and options
  • Different Mould Size (9" X 4.5" X 3", 10" X 5" X 3" & 8" X 4" X 4")
  • Standard (Plain with 900 edge) and Chamfered edge-450
  • Frog (Customized Branding)
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