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TARA GreenCast Frames

Business Highlight

TARA GreenCast Frames Technology provides a cutting edge solution for manufacture of high quality, long lasting and affordable Concrete Door and Window Frames. TARA GreenCast Frames Technology consists of an elegant and flexible production system on which a diverse variety of reinforced concrete frames can be produced with the use of special moulds and attachments. The production system is designed to yield production within hours of setting up the enterprise. TARA GreenCast Frames Technology is highly profitable for micro and small scale building materials producers. Currently, the GreenCast Frames Technology Package consists of a vibrating table with a choice of moulds; custom designed accessories and fittings. The technology offers flexibility production of other concrete products, such as GreenCast Floors.

Service Package

TARA Machines and Tech Services Private Ltd. provides a comprehensive business solution to prospective clients. These services are delivered by trainers operating from a regional network of TARA centers.

  • TARA supplies the complete set of production equipment consisting of vibrating table and moulds.
  • TARA provides custom designed accessories and fittings.
  • TARA provides the information technology software with production layout, design mix and comprehensive documentation.
  • On site commissioning of the equipment and production training.
Package Specifications

 Description TARA GreenCast Frames
 Vibrating Table (L×W) 3.15 x 0.78 meter
 Frame Moulds Rubber moulds enclosed in Galvanized metallic case;for doors and windows
 Power Rating 2 HP,3 Phase
 Production Capacity 20 sets / day
 Manpower 5

Machine and Equipments

TARA GreenCast Concrete Technology-Door & Window Frames

TARA GreenCast Frames Technology for concrete door & window frames manufactures high quality door & window frames using reinforced cement concrete. The production system consists of specialized rubber moulds, which are placed inside a GI channels. A series of GI channels are mounted on the vibrating table; fitted with vibration mechanism to achieve uniform compaction and high quality surface finish. Two sets of door frames can be manufactured in every production cycle. All sections of door and window frames can be cast on the same equipment; provision is made for easy fitting of hinges and bolts. The products are demoulded after 24 hours, and the moulds reused for the next day’s production.

The technology is capable of producing 20 sets of door or window frames in 8 hours shift with six operators. There are two recommended configurations of the technology package in terms of scale of production :

  • With capital investment of Rs. 2,50,000, a production value of Rs. 14,00,000 per annum
  • With capital investment of Rs. 3,50,000, a production value of Rs. 24,00,000 per annum

The reinforced concrete door and window frames produced with TARA GreenCast Frames Technology offer numerous benefits over the traditional options:

  • Durable; termite resistant and all-weather proof.
  • Excellent surface finish.
  • Dimensionally accurate; easy to assemble.
  • Universal application; residential and institutional buildings.
  • Environmentally Green Product; no use of wood and optimum steel with cement.
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