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TARA EcoKlin

Business Highlight

The most popular module is of 2-shaft Ecokiln with an annual production capacity of 20 Lacs bricks. TARA EcoKiln is highly profitable for small and medium scale building material producers. A capital investment of about Rs 28-30 lakhs can yield a turnover of Rs. 35-50 lakhs per annum. The investment is recovered in 3 years of operation. The time duration for kiln construction and commissioning is only 60 days. The TARA EcoKiln is available in multiple configurations:

  • 2-Shaft, (approx 10000 bricks per day)
  • 4-Shafts, (approx 20000 bricks per day)
  • 6-Shafts (approx 30000 bricks per day)
  • In multiple-shafts for any level of brick production.
Package Specifications

 Description TARA EcoKiln
Production Capacity 10000 bricks/day
Energy/fuel saving Saving of upto 50%
Manpower 30 operators
Electrical Power 2 HP for convey of
Operation Period 240 days per year
 Description Accessories
Screw jack 2 Nos
Trolleys 4 Nos.
Conveyor system for lifting Single
TARA BrickMek Mechine 1 nos

Service Package

TARA provides a comprehensive package of services to prospective clients; these services are delivered through a regional network of TARA centers.

  • Testing Services
  • Selection and testing of soils, fuels and other additives for green brick making
  • Development of new products like light-weight bricks, hollow-bricks, clay pavers etc.
  • Prescriptions for soil processing, additives, mechanized mixing
  • Technology and Kiln Commissioning Services
  • Kiln design & construction supervision,
  • Training in green brick making, commissioning & firing,
  • Training in all other aspects of brick production.
  • Equipment Supply
  • Standardized Brick Moulding Machine (TARA BrickMek)
  • Customized unloading mechanism (standard screw jack and trolley system)
  • Kiln accessories like lifting mechanisms, conveyers and brick movement trolleys.

Benefits delivered to EcoKiln enterprises:

  • Energy efficient
  • Save 30% to 50% on fuel cost when compared to other brick firing technologies.
  • Rapid Construction
  • Construction of kilns can be completed within 60 days and saleable production is available within 48 hours of kiln stabilization.
  • Low working capital
  • Production cycle can start with 50,000 stocks of green bricks. The working capital required in case of VSBK is considerably low because the saleable product (fired bricks) is obtained within 24 hrs of loading
  • High quality and less breakage
  • More than 90% of the bricks produced belong to 1st grade, and are of uniform quality. Well designed loading and unloading system controls the breakage within 5 percent of the production.
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