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TARA BrickMek

Business Highlight

The TARA BrickMek machine provides a complete solution for high quality brick moulding; the machine is ideally suited for production of green bricks with internal fuel. With good control on brick size and finish, the machine moulded bricks command a premium of Rs. 250 to 300 per thousand. With a daily production of 10000 bricks, the payback on machine investment is one year.

Service Package

The TARA BrickMek machine is a custom designed machine which is engineered for high performance. The production of the TARA BrickMek machine matches the firing capacity of a 2-shaft EcoKiln. TARA provides the fully service package of soil testing, custom designed moulds, supply of machine and accessories, commissioning and training services for the TARA BrickMek.

Machine Package
TARA BrickMek - Soft clay moulding machine
24 nos of moulds - for smooth finish
03 nos of Trolleys - to transport the moulds to drying yard
Conveyor system for soil feeding (optional)

Package Specifications

 Description TARA BrickMek
Rated Production Capacity 1440 bricks/Hour
 Electrical Power 3 Phase (7.5+1 HP)
 Brick moulds 24 Nos. of Stainless Steel moulds
 Mould Shifting Trolley 03 Nos. (Manually operated)
 Manpower 10 - 12

Benefits delivered to TARA BrickMek users
  • Premium earnings on the final product
  • The TARA BrickMek machine moulded bricks command a good premium from Rs. 250 to Rs. 400 per 1000 nos of bricks over existing quality of the bricks.
  • Super Quality
  • TARA BrickMek results in superior quality of finished brick, higher strength, consistent size and sharp corners. In construction, the cost of mortar consumed will reduce by 30%.
  • Extended Brick Season
  • TARA BrickMek machines operation expands the brick season for entrepreneurs as green brick production continues into the rainy season.
  • Flexible Manpower
  • TARA BrickMek machine operations do not require services of the specialized moulder community. The machine operation is easily managed with training of local manpower.
  • Fuel Saving
  • Internal fuel like sponge iron waste, boiler ash from thermal power plants, rice husk, fired rice husk and other carbon bearing industrial wastes is easily mixed with soil by the TARA BrickMek. Usage of internal fuel reduces the consumption of external coal.
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