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Building sustainable enterprises
                     ...creating new markets
Country Name: Afghanistan
Affiliated Organization: Aga Khan Foundation
Technologies: TARA Hand Loom and TARA Micron

Country Name: Bangladesh
Affiliated Organization: Conforce Limited
Technologies: TARA Eco Kiln

Country Name: Bhutan
Affiliated Organization: TARAYANA Foundation
Technologies: TARA Hand Loom, TARA MechRam-MV and TARA GreenCast Floors

Country Name: Cameroon
Affiliated Organization: Lolokri
Technologies: TARA Balram- MI and TARA Micron

Country Name: Indonesia
Affiliated Organization: HOLCIM
Technologies: TARA Micron

Country Name: Sri Lanka
Affiliated Organization: SEWA Lanka
Technologies: TARA Balram- MI, TARA MechRam-MV and TARA Micron
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