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Welcome to TARA Machines

TARA Machines and Tech Services (P) Ltd. markets green technology solutions for building construction, waste recycling and recycled paper production. The Company delivers business solutions to a global network of micro, small and medium enterprises.

Fly Ash Technology

TARA Machines is the leading technology provider for fly ash technology; it provides custom designed solutions. The company has developed the technology and machines based on scientific analysis and understanding of the waste materials. TARA achieves the desired strength of the fly-ash bricks with optimum utilization of fly ash and lime or cement, along with sand.

The TARA Machines’ solutions provides entrepreneurs with the highest quality of fly ash bricks, based on the optimum mix of material, the superior process in machinery, and training of manpower to ensure consistency.

The requisite TARA machinery and production system are designed to achieve the desired level of production. TARA offers technology packages with daily production capacity of between 500 and 1500 bricks per hour.

TARA Machines supplies solutions using the following technologies
Unique value to Fly Ash Entrepreneurs

  • TARA Machines operates a Center of Excellence in Brick Technology at Datia in Madhya Pradesh with a fully equipped laboratory for testing raw materials and finished products.
  • TARA Machines has in-house R&D capability for designing custom made equipment, and has developed a portfolio of offerings.
  • TARA Machines has installed fly ash plants at over 100 locations across the country, with the flagship TARA MechRam (MX & MV) running successfully at over 50 locations.
  • The Development Alternatives World Headquarters Building in Delhi has extensively used high strength fly ash blocks produced with TARA Fly Ash Technology.

TARA Machines & Tech Services Private Limited is promoted by TARA, Society for Technology and Action for Rural Advancement, and is an enterprise of the Development Alternatives Group.

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